Saturday, April 11, 2009

Did Satan cause the fall of Adam & Eve? Decay, Death, Health, Immortality

Decay, death, health, and immortality, I call these the four seasons of opposites in which the human body is trapped. Can the body escape from decay? Can the flesh escape from death? Can the bones forever be in good health? Can the blood become immortal? The answer to all these is no, for we are trapped in the rhythm of the limitations of the human self. We are trapped like a bird in the cage with no escape between these polarities.

How is that mankind became trapped into this cage? Is it the fault of Adam & Eve, or was it the plan of God from the beginning? Why was satan allowed to deceive Adam & Eve, if satan was not given the power to do so in the first place. Did satan originate the thought to deceive Adam & Eve or did God plan it all in the first place? Does satan give life to himself or does the life of satan come from God? Does satan conceive of ideas by himself, or do the ideas come from God, the source of all.

Satan as an angel is not a self creator. Satan as an angel does not have a free will of his own. Satan as an angel does not create new ideas and cannot bring anything into manifestation unless God allowed it. So let us ask ourselves the question and face reality, did satan really cause the fall of Adam & Eve or did God authorize satan to tempt Adam & Eve?

There is an equivalent story in the bible where satan was asked by God to tempt Job, to the limit that Job may lose all that he has, lose all his property, lose his children, and practically lose everything he holds dear. The bet was made between God and satan with Job at the stake, that if he loses everything he holds dear he will curse God in the face. Satan was given power by God to destroy everything Job had excerpt to take his life. So satan went into the family and household of Job and destroyed everything he owned. Job became miserable, covered himself with ashes, wept at his misfortune and pleaded with God to know why all this misfortune to himself and to his household.

But through all these Job held fast on to his faith in God, that in his heart he knew that God must have a good reason to allow this misfortune to come to his household. So Job simply waited, and waited, and waited and pleaded for this calamity to pass. Still things got worse, the more he prayed to God the worse things became. His friends even advised him to forget about God, for God has abandoned him so he might as well curse God and die. Job was patient, held on to his faith in God, and passed the temptation of satan and was restored to glory.

There is another instance when Jesus was fasting in the wilderness. After he had fasted for many days and was very hungry and here comes satan, and tells him that why do you bother with this quest and allow yourself to go hungry, why don’t you change these stones into bread. Jesus answered “man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes out of the mouth of God”.

Then another time satan came again and encountered Jesus at the top of a hill. He told Jesus to jump down, for it is said that God shall send his angels to catch him in the air and his foot will not touch the stones. Jesus replied , “get thee behind me satan”. Satan again encountered Jesus on the top of a mountain and showed him the cities below, and told Jesus that he would give him all these if were to bow down and worship him. Jesus replied “man shall worship God alone and no other”.

In another place Buddha gave up all his riches and empire in his quest to seek out answers to the meaning of life. He wanted to know the root and cause of misery, death, ill health, and how to attain immortality. Buddha left behind all he had, and traveled to many places asking questions in temples and making inquires from wise men as to the answers to the suffering of mankind. At one point he sat under a tree and started to meditate. At this time here comes satan who asked Buddha a question as to who gave him the right to do what he his doing. Buddha touched the ground and replied that the earth gave him the right to do what he is doing. Satan then fled and never returned, and Buddha was said to reach nirvana, the ultimate bliss and found answers to his questions. Buddha then introduced the concept of what we now know as the law of Kharma, that what you sow, is what you reap. That human beings re-incarnate and that one life span is not the end for our bad deeds from previous lifetimes follow us from one life to the other.

From these examples it can be derived that satan is not an enemy of God but rather satan works for God. What he does is what God has created his nature to do, and he obeys the will of God to play the role of the tempter to determine our sincerity in the path of whatever we chose. It is up to mankind to either pass or fail the test of the tempter. Job passed the test, Jesus passed the test, Buddha passed the test, Adam & Eve failed the test. So the real question is, did satan cause the fall of Adam & Eve or did Adam & Eve fail the test on their own? If the student fails the examine is it the fault of the teacher or is it the fault of the student. He who fails the test is punished with decay, and death, he who passes the test is rewarded with life and immortality. May you pass your test when it comes to you. Good luck.

Beth, Resh, Kaph, Tau
Baracata…..may blessing be upon you.
Ken Nunoo